Joe Wettstein

About Me

I’m a home schooled 17 years old from Eureka IL

I work at my dads truck and tire repair business and I like to ride dirt bikes, work on trucks and do whatever keeps me busy






DISC Characteristics

  • • Sometimes you become argumentative, even when you don't mean to be or notice that you are. • The more difficult the challenge, the more motivated you seem to become. • When stressed, you can become somewhat of a selective listener, hearing only what you want to hear. • You can be very commanding and tend to take charge more than you follow. • You demand high levels of results or performance, in both yourself and in others. • You are a very strong self-starter who always seems to have a high sense of urgency.
  • • You sincerely like to support and work with others. • Your amicable approach means you may be hard to really "read." • While you consider other's emotions, you do not let them fog the bigger issues. • Make sure to encourage others in a more vocal or open way. • You are able to persuade others in a convincing manner when necessary. • Expressing more enthusiasm might help you connect with others more.
  • • You bring a metered sense of urgency to get things done now, but not without some planning and thought. • Unexpected events don't drive you crazy. They can be something of a welcomed change. • You appreciate the need of others to have more freedom and less structure. • You can multitask fairly well. • You prefer a faster paced environment, but one that is not frantic or chaotic. • You work well in a variety of environments and on a wide selection or projects or tasks.
  • • You possess excellent critical thinking and problem solving ability. • When you disagree, you may express your resistance in a passive-aggressive manner. • You think it is important to adhere to specific and detailed instructions or procedures. • You prefer a neat and clean work environment. • You like to use a lot of detail when explaining processes and tasks to others. • You may be perceived as somewhat resistant to change.