Jack Geiser

About Me

I originally hail from Downs, but currently split my residence between Goodfield and Decatur on a part-time basis. I have a background as a former member of the Eureka High School football team, and I currently hold the position of manager for the Eureka golf team. As a senior at Eureka High School, I am focused on my academic pursuits.

In addition to my school commitments, my father, Colby, owns a painting and handyman company in Decatur. Within his company, I assume key responsibilities in sales, project management, and oversee our social media presence. My nearly a decade of experience in this business has equipped me with the skills to effectively manage both the manual and entrepreneurial aspects of the company. 

I am proud to be an active participant in the Woodford County CEO program, and I eagerly anticipate the numerous opportunities that lie ahead through my involvement in this curriculum.

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Photo Courtesy of Sarah Brianne Photography

About My Business

Business Name:  Clear View Cleaning & Services

Product/Service Description:  Pressure Washing - Window & Gutter Cleaning - Soft Scrubbing

Our mission is to provide quality service at competitive pricing using the latest equipment and technology enabling property owners to enjoy their residence or place of business.

Where to Purchase/Contact Information:

Tyler Tate: 309-634-1713; Jack Geiser: 217-520-8041






DISC Characteristics

  • Driving
  • Gregarious
  • Restless
  • Independent