Alex Hepp

About Me

I was born on October 28th 2005, in Normal, Illinois. I grew up in Normal until 7th grade when I moved to El Paso, Illinois. I was born to my dad, Paul, and my mom, Abby. I am currently a senior at El Paso Gridley High School, and I am on the golf team, soccer team, and track and field team.

I currently work at O’Brien Detail in Normal, Illinois where I detail cars and sometimes take pictures of the used cars that go onto the website. I have worked there for 2 years now, and plan on working there until I get my full time job after graduating college.

Alex is sponsored by The O'Brien Group


Photo Courtesy of Sarah Brianne Photography

About My Business

Business Name: Blocks Crafted Resale

Product/Service Description: We buy specialized building blocks and resell them for a cheap price for quality models to display. We allow creativity to shine through our products at a cheap price.
Where to Purchase/contact: Can purchase online on websites such as Facebook marketplace at @a._hepp, or can contact me at (309) 825-7772 and email me at





DISC Characteristics

  • Deliberate
  • Poised
  • Passive
  • Analytical