Olivia Schumacher

About Me

I am currently a junior at Eureka High School. I have always aspired to establish my own business, and thus am ecstatic to be a part of CEO. When not focusing on my studies, I thoroughly enjoy photography, art, lettering, and cooking/baking. Following my high school career, I hope to attend college, and aspire to major in interior design, a profession that intrigues me substantially. Pursuing my present hobbies would also be of interest to me, such as majoring in graphic design or becoming a full-time photographer. I am elated to learn more about the business world, and look forward to the opportunities this class offers to better determine my future career.






DISC Characteristics

  • • You can be an effective coach or counselor for others.
  • • You are generally known as steadfast and dependable.
  • • When you present your argument you do so logically not emotionally. • You possess excellent critical thinking and problem-solving ability.